Riddick takes in the view

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“I know you’re a smart man, Riddick. A fountain of ideas and perceptions. A bottomless well of wisdom. But you just can’t see, that we’re the same you and I. We’re both steeped in the same dark void.”

Wow – if Hallmark ever decides to go in a darker, grittier direction, I think we’ve found their new #1 greeting card writer! This latest gameplay trailer for Atari’s Chronicles of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena not only showcases a mech-suited Riddick stepping out for a spacewalk, but shows us more of the Dark Athena’s poetry-spouting captain, Gales Revas. Just who is this mysterious woman who can’t keep her hands off the coms button for more than thirty g*d*mned seconds?

According to her online profile, Revas is “intellectual, jaded with life and hates disloyalty and cowards.” Being a grizzled veteran and heartless mercenary, she’s also “a combat expert surpassing most in skill and brutality [who] respects talented individuals, people who can match her skills both intellectually and physically. Avoiding any emotional attachments, she has her own stable of lovers, both male and female, who she can enjoy the joys of physical pleasure with, no strings attached.”

Is it just me, or have we stumbled upon Riddick’s perfect eHarmony match?