Ridge Racer: Accelerated is real, coming to iPhone

Ridge Racer fans got all giddy last month when Namco Bandai filed a trademark for Ridge Racer: Accelerated, which was the first major peep about the franchise anybody had heard since the PS3 launched with Ridge Racer 7 back in 2007. The following will be either good news or bad for fans depending on their cell phone preference, as Famitsu has the first screens and footage for Ridge Racer: Accelerated, which is heading to an iPhone possibly near you reportedly later this month.

I would be upset at this announcement due to my adoration for the series and my lack of a Jesus phone to play this “new” entry, but that video looks a lot like the same content that was in Ridge Racer 7, which shared content with Ridge Racer 6, which shared content with Ridge Racer PSP, which…I think you get my point.