Ridge Racer Unbounded chasing after Burnout, Need for Speed

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Before we talk about this one, let’s register the utter silliness that is the name Ridge Racer Unbounded first. Unbounded? We’ve heard some goofy subtitles in our time but this one takes the cake.

Anyways, this new game in the series is set to take a different direction from the usual super-sliding madness. Ridge Racer 3D director Masamichi Yamazaki revealed to Siliconera: “Ridge Racer has traditionally been a game, which appeals to the mass market due to its simple arcade-like feeling. With Ridge Racer Unbounded, it’s more similar to Need for Speed or Burnout instead of the traditional Ridge Racer.”

The series has grown a little stale as of late, while constant reinventions have kept both of EA’s racers fresh. Perhaps Ridge is the first of many racing franchises in store for an overhaul.

Ridge Racer should be able to try different directions,” Yamazaki added. “Even compared to other racing series they have different themes and styles. I believe Ridge Racer can also do this and give players a game with a new direction.”

The game’s headed for PS3, 360, and PC.