Road Rash re-make video is rash-tastic

While on a tour of the EA Redwood campus for some first looks at the newest MySims: Agents game, I came across a battered and beaten 1993 Ducati motorcycle. Used in the original Road Rash videogame, it had been crashed during the final day of shooting by Randy Breen, then producer of the game, in order to avoid a busy downtown intersection. Breen laid the Ducati down during a motion capture session, marring one side of the $10,000 motorcycle, an accident which can be seen in the final version of the game.

I say all that to say this: When I saw that motorcycle, I wondered why they never brought Road Rash to the current gen systems. Now my question is being answered by the video above. It is an extremely early build, but is looking promising. I cannot wait to go all Ghost Rider meets Burnout on some fools.