Rocket Arena is launching onto PS4, Xbox One and PC

Prepare to lift off with Rocket Arena, a new 3 v 3 hero shooter developed by Final Strike Games that leverages rocket-fueled gameplay to create some fun and frantic combat situations. Choose from a colorful cast of heroes that each come equipped with their own unique rocket and special abilities. Learn to master your hero in order to blow away the competition and become the next arena champion.



As it says in the name, Rocket Arena is a game where two teams of three are pitted against one another with rocket launchers across small, arena-style maps. There are ten playable characters to choose from at launch, each with their own quirky playstyles that add a level of diversity and challenge to every match. Each character also comes with their own progression system that rewards players with things like cosmetic items to further customize their experience.

Speaking of customization, while players are currently unable to swap out their character’s abilities, the game does allow you to equip up to three special “artifacts” that grant additional bonuses, such as the ability to move faster, or reduce the damage taken from specific weapons. While these players will initially have to unlock them through social play, Final Strike Games has went ahead and unlocked them for competitive matchmaking sessions in order to level the playing field.

At launch, the game ships with ten playable heroes to choose from, ten dynamic maps, four competitive game modes, a co-op mode and a practice mode. Final Strike games has also stated that they plan to add a battlepass on July 28th, dubbed the “Blast Pass,” which will also mark the start of season one for the game. Season one will come with the inclusion of a new character, a new map, and a limited time game mode. Each season will last roughly three months, allowing players plenty of time to progress and earn unique items.

Post-launch, players can look forward to the addition of new content such as characters, maps, and new items to discover and collect. Final Strike Games has said they plan to add additional game modes and daily and weekly challenges to entice players into coming back week after week.



Rocket Arena is out now for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Origin; and supports crossplay between all three platforms. You can pick up the standard edition for $29.99, or the Mythic edition for $39.99, which comes packed with extra content.