Rumor: Infinity Ward making MW3 with Sledgehammer, Raven

As long as the world keeps spinning on its axis and waves crash against the shore, so too will a Call of Duty game be in development. Case in point: CoD: Modern Warfare 3 is currently being developed by the skilled, gentle hands of Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games. Or so it’s today rumored.

LA Times reports that the folks at IW and Sledgehammer are sharing the single-player duties on Modern Warfare 3 in an effort to ensure its November release date is met without difficulty. Sledgehammer’s own Call of Duty game, which went into production before the troubles at IW began, is said to have been put on hold.

The outlet’s sources have also said Raven Software has been tapped for the multiplayer, which falls in line with recent speculation.

The need for such external help likely stems from the axing of Infinity Ward honchos Jason West and Vince Zampanella last spring. When the company leaders were fired, many other IW employees left with them.