Rumor: Is the Playstation 3 going on a diet?


According to the United Kingdoms second most popular gizmo and gadget magazine, T3, Sony may not only be prepping the masses for a white PS3 with DualShock controllers, and expanding the hard drive of the high-end SKU to 160gb, but they may also be preparing a PS3 slim for release in the fall.

With Sony’s history of slimline designs in every console they’ve ever released, this doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch, but still one must wonder why they would do such a thing at this point in the PS3’s life cycle. Early adopters would become disillusioned, potential customers would be even more confused, and Sony would look like a company in turmoil; scrambling to do something ANYTHING to get a foothold in the current generation of consoles.

With the upcoming schedule of AAA titles to be released in 2008 and price point finally becoming reasonable, the PS3 is a system with momentum, not one reeking of desperation. So although anything is possible, I doubt this one.