Rumor: PSP 2 coming soon?

You can’t hide on the internet, or at least that’s what they tell us and as we all know Sony isn’t very good at keeping their secrets.. secret.

Some clever digging and prodding by internet prowlers has turned up a resume that showed Dominic Mason, director at AtomFire Productions, as having developed for a PSP 2. With E3 just lurking around the corner it wouldn’t be shocking for Sony to announce such a product this year.

While the resume is the most compelling evidence, there are other sources to support it. Colin Sebastian, an analyst at Lazard Capital, predicts that Sony is positioning itself to announce a follow up to the PSP. “We expect Sony to announce a new PSP handheld device this spring,” he says.

Whether or not these finds lead to the conclusion that Sony is ready and waiting to make an announcement is yet to be seen.