Rumor: PSP2 getting Uncharted game

A jab about Sony’s inability to keep secrets would seem in order, but it seems a bit redundant at this point. So lets get right to it: Sony’s Bend studio is currently at work on an Uncharted game for the PSP2, game site GND claims it has on good authority.

Details beyond that blurb are nonexistent, sadly, but this turning out to be real certainly wouldn’t shock; the Oregon-based studio’s last game is Resistance Retribution, a PSP offshoot of Insomniac’s popular PlayStation 3 FPS series.

Still, it’s as big of a rumor as they come. The developer may just as well be working on making many a gamers dream a reality and surprise with a new Syphon Filter title instead.

Uncharted fans of course have plenty to be joyful about already, what with Drake’s Deception getting its first trailer and concrete release date over the weekend and all.