Update 2 / Rumor / SEGA to publish The Conduit

Update: SEGA has just confirmed via press release that they have indeed partnered with High Voltage and will handle the worldwide publishing and distribution duties for The Conduit. The game is slated for a Spring 2009 release.

Update 2: To celebrate the announcement, SEGA has released a handful of new screenshots as well.

Original story below.

Rumors are starting to float around heavily that SEGA is going to be publishing The Conduit. This rumor actually hit the web yesterday but there wasn’t much for it to stand on other than a few screenshots that could have been easily doctored by any blogger, and blog posts pointing to said screenshots. Thus TVGB took a step back and looked away despite wanting the news to be true. Now however, a more legitimate news source has backed up the claim so we’re ready to run with it.

The news comes from SEGA’s ftp site where a folder for The Conduit briefly appeared and was summarily quickly taken down. This is backed up by Eric Nofsinger of High Voltage telling IGN that they had made a decision about who would publish the game.

An official announcement about the matter should be made by the end of the week. If SEGA really is backing this then that is good news for all, because that means The Conduit should continue to get plenty of attention.