Rusted Moss grapples with the Steam Summer Sale

It’s great when we see our favorite games come on sale. There’s something about waiting patiently for something we really want to play to drop in price and getting it that little bit cheaper. Not all of us have fat wallets, after all. This is a given, but there’s so much out there to choose from that lots of other games that we might not have known about go on sale and get missed. On account of it being useful to point things out sometimes we’re going to be taking a little note of Rusted Moss. This interesting-looking romp has hit the Steam Summer Sale for the first time and looks like a great addition for the adventurous among you with a few extra quid left in your Summer Sale spends after those must-haves have been collected. I’m not assuming of course that this isn’t the game you’ve been waiting ages for. I that’s the case, good for you, you’ll definitely want to keep reading.

Rusted Moss is a Grapplevania. This sounds awesome on its own. It’s been created by Faxdoc, Happysquared, and Sunnydaze, and as I’ve just mentioned is currently sitting over on Steam with a lovely 20% discount. You’ll be able to get some money off until July 13th, so plenty of time left to head over there and snag yourself a bargain. If you want to expand on your Rusted Moss haul, the official artbook, which contains concept art, notes on music, and developer commentary is also on sale with the awesome 20% off. What’s not to like about that?

In Rusted Moss, you’ll be taking on the role of Fern, a changeling born to unsuspecting human parents. Along with a mysterious shadow called Puck, she is an agent tasked with bringing the fae back to the world of humans and ending The Age of Men. In a war between humans and fairies, you must decide which side you’ll ultimately take as you step out into a world where what remains of humanity and their iron inventions struggle against an imminent invasion.

So, why is Rusted Moss called a Grapplevania, then? Well, that might have something to do with the grappling hook that will be one of your greatest assets during the game. This title has a full 360-degree aiming system. This applies to your weapons too, allowing you full freedom and flexibility when it comes to creatively traversing the levels. It also allows for precision aim for blasting away those pesky enemies. How you use the grapple is entirely up to you. The physics-based hook uses kinetic momentum for propulsion but there’s no pre-set path for you to take. Once you’ve picked up the easy-to-learn, yet hard-to-master controls you’ll be able to latch onto any moss-covered surface and swing your way through the rugged terrain of this game’s wasteland setting.

Freedom of movement is also matched by your freedom choice in getting your kills in Rusted Moss. This title uses twin-stick shooter mechanics, placing an emphasis on tight and precise gunplay. You’ll be able to cycle through an arsenal of weapons, finding the ones that best shoot your playstyle. Will a shotgun blast at close range before grappling away be your go-to or are you more the deadly sniper type? Both approaches amongst many others will be available to you.

Who doesn’t love a good boss battle? In Rusted Moss, you’ll have everything including the kitchen sink thrown at you. Whether the challenge is coming from powerful witches or machine monstrosities you’ll have your work cut out for you. Each boss fight creates its own unique challenge. Whether you’re avoiding sword swings,  dodging energy fields, or blasting conjured mechanical spiders to bits you’ll need to be on your toes if you’re going to survive.

There’s plenty for you to do in Rusted Moss. Aside from the mechanical stuff which includes finding more than 20 unique abilities and eight distinctive weapons, there is a lot for you to accomplish. This title has multiple endings and as you travel the world you’ll uncover the stories of humans and fae alike. You’ll also encounter lost shrines and abandoned computer terminals that will also you to unlock old secrets and discover forgotten tales.

If all of this sounds like it’s right up your alley you’ve still got a good amount of time to get that lovely 20% discount on Rusted Moss. Having that grappling hook certainly sounds like a new and intriguing way to play. It’s always good to have a brand new adventure to take part in and this sounds like an excellent one for those of you out there that love a good explore. If you’re completely new to Metroidvania-styles of play and are interested in what Rusted Moss has to offer, that lovely discount might help you take the plunge into something a bit different. Either way, I think I might just be joining you on this one, it sounds like a lot of fun.