Save the world with fancy body poppin’ in the new PSN game Dance Magic

When the world is in peril, only one thing can save it: incredible, magical dance moves. On January 8th, Gaijin Entertainment will release Dance Magic on the PSN for North America. Gamers will get to experience a world where humans have used the power of dance to harness powerful energy. Someone EVIL has decided to use that power to take over the world, and it’s up to you to use your own body movin’ magic and stop them with a dance off (Step It Up 33: This Time We Got Superpowers). More than 20 tracks will ship with the game, with more available to download from the Playstation Store after release, so you can make your own personal jukebox. Various characters are at hand to choose from, with their own accessories that provide them special abilities, so you can dance and vanquish your foes with fireballs and watch them burn AND struggle to keep up with your moves! Seven diverse dance styles from around the world will be on display, like Disco and Break Dancing, and you can choose from various modes like Campaign, Cooperative, and Free Dance (I doubt Dance Magic will be able to replicate my INCREDIBLE dance moves *shuffles feet and wiggles booty*). You can dance on top of castles and skyscrapers so you can always have the element of danger and fear of plummeting to your doom, and the Playstation Move will be supported so you can replicate your dancing more accurately than just button presses.

More info on Dance Magic can be found here and a trailer with a voodoo doctor can be found below.