Scarlett Hood and the Wicked Wood — A twist on the Land of Oz

Dorothy, Toto, the Wicked Witch of the West, Munchkinland. These are all familiar words to those of us who grew up watching the iconic fantasy film The Wizard of Oz. This movie was released 81 years ago but it still continues to influence our culture, even within the world of videogames. Imagine a game that mirrors some of the memorable elements from the film, but instead of a checkered blue dress, there’s a red hood and a little fox sidekick instead of a pointy-eared terrier.

Korean-based game developer Devespresso Games premiered the teaser trailer for Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood on October 8, 2020, promising fans a fun, adventure-filled, story-driven game that follows the title character on a fantastical journey. Scarlet not only faces the Black Witch, a big bad wolf, and other monsters, she must also relive the same day after being trapped in a time-loop hex. On top of that, she needs to guide her Munchkin troupe through the Wicked Wood without being attacked by enemies.

a witch wearing a red top hat talking to Scarlet in the Wicked Wood

I remember fiddling around with text-based choose your own adventure games as a kid, excited to see all the different outcomes of the narrative. One path might lead to a bag of coins. Another path might lead to a spider-infested cave. Even with the lack of images, these stories came to life because the creator knew how to fabricate a world that engrossed players. Scarlet Hood takes this concept to the next level by including beautiful visuals similar to those in graphic novels while immersing players in a world that alludes to fairytale stories from childhood.

5x3 engraved tile puzzle

Scarlet might seem like an innocent girl from Kentucky but she’s got some witchcraft skills she can use while trapped in the Wicked Wood. Throughout your adventure, you’ll help Scarlet solve puzzles and determine her path as you guide her to the end of her journey. Which ending will you choose?

Scarlet stands at a door with rune-like symbols above the arch

Early Access for Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood debuts in December for PC, Mac, and Linux. Don’t forget to set a reminder for yourself on Steam if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on Devespresso’s upcoming game! This puzzle adventure is sure to remind you that there’s no place like home…in front of your computer.