School rewards students with gaming

This might be showing my age a bit but I remember, when I was in junior high school, things were drastically different than today. The monitors in the computer lab were that sickly monochrome green, the floppy disks I borrowed from my friends were actually floppy, and the snickers would resound throughout the halls if someone had ever said they wanted to go to the ‘Wii room.’ My, how times have changed.

Students at Hook Junior High in Victorville, California are being rewarded for demonstrating positive behavior with trips to the aforementioned ‘Wii room.’ Administrators are using the program an effort to boost attitudes and encourage student success. Those caught “doing something good,” such as improving significantly in class or performing a random act of kindness, earn tickets from teachers, security, and support staff. The tickets can then be redeemed for some time with the system.

Always good to hear something positive being reported about the videogame industry. Now, get off my lawn, whippersnappers.