Sclash carves out a release date

We love a good hack-fest. There’s something really satisfying about jamming whatever sharp, pointy thing you’re carrying into somewhere it probably doesn’t belong. When this sort of thing carries over into the fighting genre you get some brilliant results. Think Samurai Showdown or the Soulcalibur series and you know where I’m coming from. Even Mortal Combat has its fair share of swords and other gnarly life-ending bits of steel. The problem with all of this, (and the fighting genre in general,) is that things can get a bit button bashy for those of us that don’t have insane muscle memory. So how about we take this premise, throw in some really lethal moves, and give you the chance to breathe? Sclash is coming and it looks like it’s gonna be a blast!

Planned for August 4th and coming from the folk over at Bevel Bakery, Sclash is a samurai fighter with a bit of a twist. I’ll obviously go into what the said twist is in a moment but let’s do the important stuff that lets you know how you can get it and what you can get in on first. Sclash will be appearing on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and of course, on your PC screens on the date I’ve just mentioned. This new slasher can be found both on Steam and GOG and I’ll leave you the links here, and here, for the two platforms respectively.

Sclash is being touted as an easy-to-pick-up, yet hard-to-master 2D fighting game where one hit is enough to kill. In this tense slasher’s story mode, you’ll learn more about the history of the Aki and Natsu clans in a tale inspired by Japanese culture.

You’ll step into the shoes of one of five samurai and battle both on and offline across sixteen beautifully hand-painted stages. You’ll have to manage your stamina, and breath, and take your time if you’re going to land a deadly hit. Button bashing will do you no favors in these lethal bouts and patience will very much be a virtue. Each move will matter in the epic and solemn duels that will be to come.

We all like to be rewarded for success and this is also very much going to be the case here. Perfecting your swordsmanship will allow you to unlock a minimum of fifty skins for your samurai allowing you to get your kill on in style.

If Sclash sounds like a refreshing change and a rebalancing of the playing field with a whole new set of skills to teach yourself you may very well be right. We only have until August 4th to see what this title is really about. If, of course, you absolutely can’t wait to see some of what this game has in store for you there’s a demo waiting for you over at both Steam and GOG. Either way, we won’t have long to wait before we can draw swords and get fighting.