Section 8 sequel gets first details, screenshots

While already revealed via a trailer late last week, TimeGate Studios has now sent over the official word along with some details on what to expect from Section 8 Prejudice as it launches early next year.

According to CEO Adel Chaveleh, the studio is very much committed to the universe it’s created and has made use of the feedback it received from its community and the media “to drive every single development decision.”

The sci-fi sequel continues where the first game ended and throws players right back into the Section 8 squad, while introducing the mandatory “mysterious new threat powerful enough to shake humanity to its core.” The single-player campaign will be a bigger offering than last time around; expect “a brand new and compelling story-driven single-player experience,”  Chaveleh notes.

Still, the meat of the game looks to be the multiplayer component. ‘Multiple game modes, Dynamic Combat Missions, 50+ customizable weapons, tools and upgrades, and several game modes’ aim to offer plenty of variety once the story mode is over and done with.

Still no exact dates or platforms though; that’s information kept for “the coming months.”