See the BatPhysX in this new Battrailer

[bliptv gctbgZy5HAI]

It was mentioned before that Batman: Arkham Asylum was going to support NVIDIA’s PhysX graphical goodness when it comes out on the PC. Perhaps you’ve already picked up a console version of the game and found out how awesome it is. But for PC gamers with the right hardware, the Dark Knight will stun you visually while stunning thugs physically. The vid shows off some of the effects you’ll get to see including floor tiles busting up, cobwebs in vents being brushed aside, and random sheets of paper swimming through the air. And even if you don’t have an NVIDIA graphics card, you can still enjoy the Joker giving a voiceover pep talk to his goons.

The PC version with available NVIDIA PhysX support will be out on September 18th.