Seth Rogen is a gamer, gets owned

Did you know Seth Rogen is a gamer? Sure! When he’s not playing an officer or a guy does pot, he’s probably sitting in that lobby for Call of Duty waiting for someone to start the game. It seems he didn’t just become one either. “In my teens, GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 was a very big game.” Rogen said, retelling his moments of four player split screen action.

“I love the Call of Duty games, all of them.” Rogen continued, mentioning that he had just finished World at War, “What I like about Call of Duty is you are killing Nazis. You feel like you are doing a good deed for the world.” When Rogen hopped online, he found out he wasn’t as great at first-person shooters as he thought he was, “On the grand scale of the dorks in the world, I’m not up there.” Claiming he gets “decimated,” online. Don’t worry Seth Rogen, we still love you for your laugh.