Shang Tsung wants your soul

[tvgb 274905]

If you think about it, Shang Tsung is a lot like Mega Man or Kirby: he steals an enemy’s ability and then uses it against them. Of course, you’re not very likely to see Kirby rip off someone’s head or see Mega Man punch someone in the crotch. That’s why we have Mortal Kombat, folks. For crotch punches and beheadings.

In yet another vignette on Kombat’s Kharacter roster, we learn that Shang Tsung isn’t such a bad guy: he’s just eternally bound to do Shao Kahn’s bidding. No, wait, he brutally maims and dismembers people, he’s pretty bad. Oh, and if you were sick of Johnny Cage after the last video, I’m sad to repot: he makes another appearance in this one. Luckily for you, he plays the victim, and how!