Nintendo DS is home to the devil!

It seems Sony’s handheld isn’t the only portable system enjoying Atlus’ affections, with Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor officially announced for the Nintendo DS.

In a welcome departure from tired videogame clichés, you are not out to save the world. You are, however, a typical teenager forced to fight back a surprise demon invasion. Rome wasn’t built in a day, people. Anyway, it seems the Japanese government has quarantined Tokyo, trapping you and your friends within the demon-infested city. Like the others before it, this game will allow you to recruit said demons via negotiation, bribery and coercion, sorta like Satan’s Campaign Coordinator, ultimately ending in a showdown where the alliances you’ve built during the course of the game will determine the fate of the city.

This is the series’ first foray onto the DS, but Atlus promises the complete Shim Megami Tensei experience, with “no aspect of the…story, visuals, music, or gameplay…shrunk in the process.” The series staples – character customization, demon collection and fusion within a twisting, turning narrative – promise to make this a welcome addition to any gamer’s collection, let alone fans of the genre. After all, who could resist playing what amounts to a demonic version of Pokemon? The DS welcomes its new demonic overlord on June 23.