Six Days in Fallujah still without a publisher

When Six Days in Fallujah was dropped by Konami it left the developers Atomic Games in an unenviable position. Without a publisher, Atomic found themselves with a $20m shooter that may never see the light of day. Almost two months later and, despite continuing development on the game, their situation remains the same.

After pumping all that cash and four years into Six Days, Atomic are not about to give up yet. However, if the game remains without a publishing deal, it may have some serious ramifications for the development studio. Speaking to Newsweek, Atomic Games’ Peter Tamte alluded to the possible implications, saying, “If for some reason it doesn’t work, we’ll have to think about making some very significant changes to the studio.”

What that means, we can only guess. But we hope a brave publisher does come along and pick the game up. Created with the intention of bringing an authentic representation of the Iraq war’s most famous battle, Six Days in Fallujah may have something to say not just about the nature of war, but about gaming itself. Good luck, guys.