Skyforge now available on Nintendo Switch

MY.GAMES and developer Allods Team have announced popular free-to-play sci-fi MMO Skyforge is now available to download on Nintendo Switch. Switch owners can download today to immerse themselves in a rich and diverse world inspired by fantasy and science fiction, teaming up with other players to complete an abundance of expanding content.

Skyforge features an array of 18 classes for players to choose from as they start their adventure defending the planet of Aelion from invasion. Gifted with powerful magical and divine abilities, players will take control of an Immortal as they traverse lands completing hours of action-packed and story-rich content. There’s a class for every playstyle as players are invited to master an intuitive combat system and learn the unique abilities for their chosen class in an evolving universe.

Switch owners that log-in to the game before March 5th and complete the in-game tutorial will receive a set of exclusive free gifts, including The Cyber Warrior costume, a special headgear called the Halo of Vows, an exclusive mount, and much more. In addition to the free to download version of the game, there are also Starter, Deluxe, and Ultimate Founder’s editions of the game available to purchase from the Nintendo eShop for those that are looking for a head start on their adventure.

The game is now available to download on the Nintendo eShop. For more information and updates on Skyforge, players can visit the official website for the sci-fi MMO here.