Skyrim will have unlimited quests, according to director

Unlimited dragons, meet unlimited quests. According to game director Todd Howard, you’ll have plenty of time to master defeating Skyrim‘s infinite supply of dynamically generated wyverns, thanks to the game’s Radiant Story system, which will continue to generate quests ad infinitum.

“The vibe of the game is that it’s something that you can play forever,” said Howard in an interview with Wired Magazine.

The main and subplot quests are all still scripted by developer Bethesda, but the Radiant Story system, which records your actions and constantly rearranges the game according to what you have done, where you have been and who you have pissed off, will provide a steady stream of randomly generated new quests long after the scripted quests have been all quested-out.

“The world is probably the one thing that sets [Skyrim] apart from other games,” said Howard, adding that even the main quests have randomly generated elements geared toward leading players into interesting, unexplored parts of Skyrim‘s massive open world. “It feels really real [and] it’s just fun to explore.”