SLG launches new premier digital network for amateur Esports on Twitch


The world’s leading platform for amateur Esports athletes to play like the pros, Super League Gaming, has announced a new partnership with Twitch.TV called SuperLeagueTV. This new endeavor will be the first ever network dedicated to amateur Esports and competitive amateur players. Initial programming will include top-tier gameplay from Super League’s City Champs tournaments, as well as the most compelling story-lines that emerge from among the thousands of individual and team-vs-team competitions happening throughout the year within Super League’s League of Legends and Minecraft events.



SuperLeagueTV will offer commentary and analysis during hotly contested matches and original programming that shines a light on the increasing number of people who are making competitive videogaming their sport of choice as it broadcasts from Ultimate Media Ventures, Super League Gaming’s Huntington Beach-based production partner. All of the Esports action that you can handle will begin this week so you won’t have long to wait before events ramp up. The new channel will start with Super League Gaming’s League of Legends City Champs season. The channel will feature your favorite shoutcasters such as Alexander “Opal” Archumbault and Alex “Mad Magical” Whieldon.

“Super League Gaming is a player-first company. SuperLeagueTV is a player-first network,” said Matt Edelman, Chief Commercial Officer of Super League Gaming. “We are creating a channel dedicated to the massive community of amateur gamers seeking opportunities to play their sport in a trusted, competitive environment where they also can create lasting real-world connections. SuperLeagueTV is a natural extension of our core value proposition.”



To get the action started off right, competitions will take place at participating movie theaters across the country. Lineups will consist of multiple nights of activities taking place in heated City-vs-City battles. Just like what you have come to expect from other broadcast Esports competitions, programming will consist of pre- and post-match content, including player interviews and City Club profiles. As more and more people take part as well as view their live events, additional content and distribution announcements will be made throughout the year.