SNES Classic preorders to land at the end of the month

Everyone who lost their SNES Classic preorders in the big Walmart mess up, get ready to have a second chance. The SNES Classic is confirmed by Nintendo to be going up for preorder at the end of August by “various retailers”.

While there is no specific date laid out for what will most likely be the death of many stores’ webpages, it is nice to know that the mini console will be available before they hit shelves and Nintendo promises that a significant amount of them will be shipped to stores for the launch day for those who miss the preorders.

My recommendation is to take those words with a grain of salt because we do not know how much “a significant number” is. In relation to the NES Classic last year that could be 20 for all we know. I remember walking into the Best Buy I was working at last holiday season and seeing over 80 people line up for the 15 consoles we were given, so have they learned their lesson? They might have, but just remember what company we are talking about. Nintendo already came out and said it is only being sold through the end of the year.

Nintendo has come out on a couple of occasions and promised there will be more SNES Classics than the minuscule number we saw last year for the NES Classic, but time and time again we see Nintendo send out small shipments of their most popular items to ensure that there is always a demand for the newest Nintendo thing.

The SNES Classic was officially announced earlier this year in June. You can read my post on it here. The $80 console will come packed with 21 classic Super Nintendo games as well as the never before released Star Fox 2 and is set to release on September 29th.

Personally, I hope to get one to show and play many of the games with my 5 year old daughter. Along with the Switch, this will be one of the biggest gifts this holiday season.

You can see Nintendo’s post at their Facebook page here or check out the Game Informer article that I learned about the post here.