Solasta: Crown of the Magister receives official licensing of Dungeons & Dragons SRD 5.1

Way, way back in 2018 I covered the creation of a brand new videogame development studio called Tactical Adventures, founded by Mathieu Girard. The vision of this studio was to take the limitless feeling of creativity that tabletop RPGs give players and translate that to the digital space. One successful Kickstarter campaign and a pre-alpha demo later and it’s safe to say that Girard and the Tactical Adventures team are realizing that vision as their upcoming debut title, Solasta: Crown of the Magister, has officially gained the Dungeons & Dragons SRD 5.1 license.

Solasta is an upcoming CRPG that is heavily inspired by the concepts of Dungeons & Dragons, which will only become stronger as they have the legal rights to use the official rule set. In Solasta, players have a wide variety of options available to fully make use of the 3D world. The maps can tactically be traversed by climbing walls, flying, teleporting, tunneling, or just making use of a nice collapsible floor. Movement around the map really takes into account vertical play and the combat effectiveness of the differing levels.

Solasta 1

In true Dungeons & Dragons style, Solasta is structured around an adventuring team. Players will choose their team’s races, classes, backgrounds, and roll their stats to build a perfect party for their playstyle. Together, this band of adventurers will utilize the light to not only guide their path, but to utilize as a weapon against the forces of dark. With a name like Solasta, it would be crazy to think sunlight didn’t play a massive factor. 

Solasta 2

Solasta is still in the development phase, with the loosest of release windows I’ve ever seen with the planned release of “when it’s ready!” However, if you’re interested in getting a taste of what Tactical Adventures is offering, there’s a one hour demo available by visiting the Steam page. If that demo got you on board for this style of CRPG, the Solasta Kickstarter for the project is still running until October 3rd with some cool pledge incentives like a vinyl of the game’s OST or polyhedral dice with character sheets. If the Kickstarter ends before you can get to it, you can always follow the game’s progress at Tactical Adventures’ official website.