Song of Horror challenges players to face their fears

While it might not be anywhere near spooky season, Protocol Games has announced the release of its cult hit Song of Horror for Xbox and PlayStation. This eerie survival adventure has already received a lot of positive reviews on PC and is sure to continue gaining more traction with its May 28th console release date.

A sinister entity called The Presence lurks in the darkness as players try to solve the mystery of Sebastian P. Husher, a famed writer who disappeared along with his family. Choose from one of thirteen characters, who each possess their own unique skills, as you explore a variety of ominous locations. You must be alert at all times, ready to hide or run from the evil creatures as you follow clues, solve puzzles, and complete each episode.

A woman walks down a hallway

This game may not have combat-style gameplay, but the psychological aspects are sure to grab the attention of those who love the suspense of classic horror. Make the wrong move and your character will die with no hope of resurrection, forcing you to switch to a different character. As you move from one room to the next, be aware of the sounds around you and be cautious with each action you take. Song of Horror is by no means a fast-paced game, but the slow buildup and intelligence of The Presence will have you facing some of your greatest fears.

A man finds a woman crying

Perhaps one of the most unsettling aspects about The Presence is its ability to react to your decisions, thanks to its advanced AI. The Presence will modify its behavior based on your response to fear. If you’re scared of the dark, you can expect a lot of paranormal spirits lurking in the shadows or lights suddenly vanishing.

A man is ambushed by monsters reaching for him

The atmosphere is well-designed thanks to the depth of the characters and narrative, as well as the music and sound effects incorporated throughout the game. The audio isn’t there simply for the horror effects; it impacts gameplay and helps players decide whether or not they should enter a room or if they need to find a place to hide. Song of Horror may not be the spookiest videogame out there, but it doesn’t depend on cheap jump scares and instead toys with your mind while you endure the harrowing tension of the game’s atmosphere.