Sonic Forces zooms to console this November

Sonic Forces Title

On the heels of the successful, retro-themed Sonic Mania, many fans of the iconic blue hedgehog may have wondered when the next installment to the franchise would come. The wait is over as SEGA has just announced the new Sonic Forces title releasing November 7. Fans can now pre-order the physical bonus edition for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The new Sonic title, reminiscent of Sonic Generations, once again incorporates the fast-paced action of modern Sonic with the platforming classic Sonic from the 90’s. This comes as little surprise as the developers for this game are the same team behind Generations and Sonic Colors.

The title also seems to introduce a darker aesthetic we are not used to seeing from the franchise into a mix of traditional platforming and modern action-based gameplay.

In this new release, players also get to experience a third type of gameplay with the addition of the custom hero mode. Now you can design your own character and use powerful new gadgets in your fight to defeat Dr. Eggman and others.

Furthermore, a darker theme promises even darker villains. Including Eggman, players will face a strong rogues gallery full of characters such as: Zavok, Metal Sonic, Chaos, and ultimately Sonic’s greatest challenge yet, Infinite. It will take a team effort to destroy the evil inhabiting Sonic’s world.

For a limited time, fans who pre-order the physical-only bonus edition will receive four Sonic Forces art cards and the SEGA/ATLUS PACK add-on, offering 13 more in-game outfit items and accessories to recreate the five other SEGA/ATLUS icons for your hero character.

To learn more and pre-order the game, visit the Sonic Forces website. The digital pre-orders will be available at a later date, so be sure follow the team on Facebook and Twitter for the digital pre-order date and all other information on your favorite blue hedgehog.