Sony announces 4 new original titles


Rejoice Playstation Move fans!!! You are not forgotten! Along with three new titles (one to launch on the Vita), SCEE announced Until Dawn, an upcoming Move title. Utilizing the Move’s input system, Until Dawn is a horror thriller in which you are in direct control of the main characters’ survival. You’ll maneuver through a dark plot and inevitable plot twists as you attempt to keep the teens alive.

Tearaway, developed by Little Big Planet’s Media Molecule, is a Vita exclusive that takes your through a paper world allowing you to manipulate the world via the Vita’s unique controls. One example has you using the rear touch pad as a means to affect the world directly.

Puppeteer and Rain will also add to the library of original titles exclusively available via Playstation brands, with the latter being a puzzle/platformer in which the protagonist’s silhouette is only visible when being rained upon.

With these new titles and third party support announced for the Wonderbook (Disney and BBC Worldwide), Sony is making a big push for content not only for its core audience, but the casual gamer and users that want more beyond gaming. Check out Until Dawn’s announcement trailer below.