Sony Bend working on NGP Uncharted, Nihilistic takes over Resistance

Sony Bend made a name for themselves with the excellent Syphon Filter and Resistance games on PSP. They were one of the few developers to master shooters on a system that lacked the control options to make smooth games in the genre.

They’re also the team heading up the Uncharted project on NGP, meaning Nathan Drake is in good hands. Uncharted was shown off at NGP’s recent reveal, with many press members praising the graphics and tech behind the demo.

Eagle eyed fans will also remember that there’s a Resistance title heading to the new handheld too though. Sony Bend won’t be behind this one, instead they’ve passed the job to Nihilistic Software, the team behind the upcoming PlayStation Move Heroes. Insomniac Games, the team behind the original Resistance games on PS3 (currently working on Resistance 3) broke the news via Twitter, as well confirming that this will indeed be a brand new entry in the franchise.

Funny to think that just a few months ago we were preying for just a smidgen of info on new Resistance and Uncharted games, and now we have two to look forward to. First one to find out who’s behind Killzone NGP wins a carrot.