Sony Hard at Work on The Getaway PS3. Feature Film in the Future?


It has been quite some time since we’ve heard a peep from Sony about their London-based crime drama franchise, The Getaway. The series third iteration (fourth if you count the PSP edition) for the Playstation 3 was shown at E3 2005, then at E3 2006, but not a word of it since. Though the same demo was shown both years, The Getaway PS3’s rendering of bustling London was incredible, and confirmed to be real-time. Truly a sight to behold on the then-debuting PS3 hardware. Many feared The Getaway PS3 was shelved or delayed into oblivion because of the complete lack of coverage of the game since E3 2006. Fast forward to 2008, the game’s hazy release date.

Denofgeek recently interviewed Katie Ellwood, one of the writers of The Getaway and its sequel. Ellwood reaffirms that the game is still in production and that Sony is toiling away on the gritty, open-world franchise. The 2008 release date was not mentioned. Not much else info is given, as the interview actually pertains to the subject of games approaching cinematic appeal, through visuals, storytelling, and believability. Ellwood also hints at a feature film in the works that is being drafted by the Team Soho writers. Please give us the game first!

The Getaway debuted on the PS2 in 2003 and received lackluster reviews. The game was clunky and bug-ridden, though it was more like a proof-of-concept: games as cinema. Evoking wise-guy British crime films and not pulling any punches regarding violence, language, and drama, the game had flair. Digital actors and superb presentation made the franchise stand out against a cartoony-in-comparison Grand Theft Auto 3. A sequel was made, Black Monday, but it too suffered from many of the same issues as its predecessor. The Getaway was severely limited by its technology, but given the power of the PS3, I don’t think it’ll be an issue this time around. Release dates are as slippery as a greasy pig, but The Getaway PS3 will be an intense thriller, no doubt. Let’s hope to catch the bacon sooner rather than later.