Sony’s Gaikai teases us with Mass Effect, Killzone, Uncharted, God of War and several more!

So how many other games can you spot?

With Sony taking Gaikai under its enormous wing this past July, some of us have been worried just how much support the cloud gaming system will get. While Sony and Gaikai seem to have no comments for the recently redesigned site, this is definitely exciting and encouraging! And if this isn’t enough to get you to drool all over your keyboard, you need to remember that Sony has promised us complete backwards capability for the entire Playstation library for the PS4.

If you haven’t face-planted onto your keyboard yet then head over to Gaikai for the rest of the games they’re showing. Each menu section (“Home”, “About”, “History”, etc.) offers a new view of the turntable. They’re promising over 200 titles and 50 million gamers a month. So tell me! Are you guys as excited of the potential as I am? Or are you nervous they won’t be able to follow all the way through? I guarantee you more on this to come!


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