Spidey 2099 trailer drops hint at next setting for Shattered Dimensions

We got our first glimpse at Spider-Man 2099, the newest addition to Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions a few days back, but now we can feast our eyes on the trailer too. The future’s bright it would appear; the high-tech neon city that our hero swings around is the perfect setting for all the web-fueled smashing to be had.

The trailer dips back into the usual “What will be the next dimension?” formula towards the end, but also carries with it an exciting hint; a short clip of what’s clearly either the Venom or Carnage symbiote is shown screaming. This could lead to a number of possibilities; Spidey’s been attached to both Symbiotes at some point in time, along with countless “What If?” stories about what could have happened if the web-head had remained a host to one of them. Could we see a more villainous entry into the game with this dimension? Perhaps this world’s bosses are heroes? Or maybe Spidey’s simply found himself in a world where symbiotes rule… it could be anything.

San Diego Comic Con promises to fully reveal the final dimension. Until then you can check out a score of new shots below to go with the trailer goodness.

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