Cozy management game Spiritfarer gets new trailer ahead of PAX West 2019 showcase


Thunder Lotus, creators of hand-drawn indie games Jotun and Sundered, have released a new trailer for their upcoming game Spiritfarer. The trailer provides a deeper look into the relationship between protagonist Stella and the spirit passengers that she will meet throughout her journey.

Spiritfarer explores topics such as friendship, developing a relationship with your passengers, and eventually guiding them to the afterlife. In the trailer below, viewers will be able to watch the friendship build between Stella and one of her passengers, Gwen.

In Spiritfarer, you play as ferrymaster to the deceased, Stella. You build a boat to explore the world, as well as spending time mining, farming, fishing, harvesting, cooking, and crafting as you travel across the mystical seas, wherein you will finally release them into the afterlife. As is evident from the trailer above, the experience is intended to be both entertaining and emotionally moving, and also incredibly visually striking.

Spiritfarer is scheduled for release with Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mac and Linux in 2020.