Splash Damage “undecided” on Brink’s split-screen

We felt all tingly inside after game director Paul Wedgwood had given us a walkthrough of Splash Damage’s latest shooter, Brink, at the Eurogamer Expo earlier today. Here’s a game that offers a dynamic battlefield that’s constantly changing as you’re given specific objectives based around your class, location, and squad mates, while offering gorgeous graphics and overwhelming sound to boot.

With 7-player online co-op, and 16-player competitive, the game’s fully kitted out to spend time with friends too. There’s just one feature left to round off a perfect package; split-screen. When asked if it was to feature, all there was to say was a disappointing “We’re undecided on split-screen for Brink.” Wedgwood went on to explain how the mode can present tough challenges, and if it was something the game needed.

Indeed, with the rise of online gaming, split-screen has definitely suffered in recent years. Recent co-op and multiplayer titles such as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising offer no split-screen modes.

There’s still hope for Brink however, and hopefully the success of titles that do feature this much loved mode like Borderlands and Halo 3: ODST will convince Splash Damage to put it in. It certainly would make an already promising game even better.