Splinter Cell Conviction development heads showing, not hiding

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Ubisoft Montreal has sent out a Behind Closed Doors video, a developer diary-type sit-down thingie with the development heads of Splinter Cell: Conviction where they talk about the new project. Alexandre Parizeau, Maxime Beland, Dean Evans, Chadi Lebbos, and Sean Stanek all explain some of the new gameplay features, and how they work and feel.

The first function spoken about is “mark and execute.” Players get to observe enemies from the safety of shadows and tag them with a mark. Then players can press a single button to focus their killing potential on that target. It’s a manual auto-aim which presumably keeps the tempo up and the player feeling badass. Another feature discussed is “last known position” which creates a silhouette where the player broke line of sight from the enemies. This allows for a better understanding of the enemies’ movement, and thereby gives a strategical edge to the hero. Because, you know, former covert ops agents need all the help they can get.