Splinter Cell Conviction not PS3 bound, says Ubisoft

Rumors of a PS3 version of Splinter Cell Conviction surfaced yesterday, thanks to UK retailer GAME adding the PS3 version to their online store. Ubisoft has now confirmed that Sam Fisher’s next outing will not be available on the PS3.

A spokesperson for the company said that this is simply a mistake on the retailers part and that Ubisoft is sticking to their original announcement, meaning PC and Xbox 360 releases only. The spokesperson also denied the rumored April 1st release date but couldn’t offer a precise date at the moment. Conviction is currently scheduled for a rather vague April ’08 – March ’09 release.

Since the games’ announcement earlier last year, Ubisoft has stayed pretty quiet on it. Rumor has it the company wasn’t happy with the reception the game got when it was first demoed and has since done some major changes to it. Although the list of featured games has not been revealed, hopefully we’ll see how Conviction is shaping up when the company has their Ubidays event this May.