Splinter Cell HD Trilogy gets 3D but drops multiplayer and co-op

A few tidbits on the upcoming HD release of Splinter Cell Trilogy on PS3 have trickled in from Ubisoft. Spokesperson Alex Monney revealed via the PlayStation Blog that the trifecta pack, which includes Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory will be available in 3D for those with televisions of the future. It’ll also include trophy support, although no further details were released aside from said trophies being “exciting” and “challenging.” The games are also being ported from the PC versions of Splinter Cell which matches one of Ubisoft’s “main goals to provide the players with the best possible content,” according to Monney.

The real meat of the news came courtesy of a reactive answer to reader questions on whether the trilogy will include multiplayer and co-op. Sadly, it’s a negative on both fronts with Monney replying that “the online part of the original games won’t be included” and confirming, “no co-op will be included in the trilogy.”

Although we’re still without a firm release date, the last word pegs it at June 21 in North America and the first half of the year in the UK.