Splinter Cell Limited Collector’s Edition’s availability will be…limited

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Attention Europeans, mark your calendars. On February 25, Ubisoft will be releasing a Limited Collector’s Edition of Splinter Cell: Conviction. The package will be even more chock-full of physical and digital goodies than the previously announced collector’s edition, and will include a statue of Sam “Look at me, I’m a spy and I’m gonna shoot ya” Fisher, a soundtrack to the game, an entirely new mode of gameplay entitled Infiltration, a new piece of armor, and early access to three in-game weapons. If you’ve got your heart set on getting these special items, I hope you live in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, or the Pacific, because those are the only territories in which the Limited Collector’s Edition will be released. Just one question, Ubisoft: why do you hate Americans? What have we ever done to you!