Spore continues to evolve

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Maxis has allowed details of the upcoming Spore Hero for the Wii and Spore Hero Arena for the DS to crawl out of the primordial ooze today. The two games, built specifically for each respective platform, will build on the original game’s system of creativity, exploring, and adventure, bringing all new player experiences later this year.

Spore Hero for the Wii will allow players to create their own hero before setting off on an adventure to save their world from total annihilation by a mysterious dark force. Using the wiimote, players will have battles with other creatures, solve puzzles, and, along the way, try to collect over 250 unique parts. These recovered parts will enable the player to customize their hero even further with special abilities.

The DS version, on the other hand, will shove players into combat – arena style! Spore Hero Arena lets players create their own gladiator creature and fight from planet to planet in the Spore universe. As the creatures fight and complete special missions, new parts will be found, giving the gladiator upgrades and new abilities. Additionally, as the player goes around the virtual schoolyard, looking to pick a fight, they will attempt to beat down the local champion and unlock even further special abilities. Spore Hero Arena will also have online and local multiplayer, allowing for a four creature royal rumble.

With all the issues the original Spore had, we hope these two additions will bring some redemption to the title. We really want to enjoy these games, if for nothing else than to let two weiner monsters duke it out over our Wi-Fi.