Spore TV commercial asks “how will you create the universe?”

No doubt those of you standing on two legs with opposable thumbs won’t need any encouragement to get excited about Spore. Regardless of whether they need it or not, EA has laid it on thick with a television campaign in support of the game prior to its launch in Europe and North America this weekend.

Will Wright is famous for his open ended games, but there is a really heavy emphasis on the sheer possibilities and vastness in Spore. Evidently EA want to position this game away from everything else they’ve ever done, notice how Spore isn’t even once referred to as a game, rather a long series of creative decisions. They obviously don’t want consumers to think of this as something to passively plug in and play, but rather as a engaging, creative experience. And all in the name of good fun, of course.

Spore stands to be huge, and not just with gamers. By not mentioning the platform or any of the other technical garbage that comes with a typical game advert EA can put the focus on the players experience, and that is exactly what will be desirable to an everyday, non-gamer, mass-market, casual (or whatever else you want to call it) audience.