Star Trek Online character trailer

While the hype is building for Champions Online, Cryptic is working on another little title called Star Trek Online. During a discussion panel at NYCC Cryptic talked both Champions Online and also released some details on the upcoming Star Trek MMO including a character creation trailer. They revealed that the Star Trek Online will begin in 2409 just after Star Trek: Nemesis. It will feature Starfleet and Klingon forces with ship to planet beaming action. Players will take control of their own ships and well, explore strange new worlds. Among the details came a trailer showing off the character creation feature.

The character creation trailer shows up typical Star Trek races. Humanoid with pointy ears. Humanoid with pointy ears and pasty white skin. Humanoid with ridged nosed. Humanoid with ridged nose and pointy ears. Humanoid with ridged ears and ridged head. All joking aside, it stays true to the Star Trek world and established races. Cryptic also allows you to break a way from the mold and create your own race, tempting you to pick from various ridged and pointy facial features. While Star Trek Online’s character creation feature isn’t quite as robust as the Champions Online version, it still should leave plenty to the imagination of players to create a unique and personal avatar. This trailer does little to curb our appetite and our eagerness to see gameplay, but we’ll take a taste when we can get it, and love it.