Star Wars: The Old Republic timeline trailer

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Star Wars is beyond epic, telling the history of an entire galaxy spanning thousands of years. Except for the true geeks (hi, that’s me)…er fans it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where events are taking place. Thankfully a new trailer for The Old Republic has come out where a weathered old Jedi sets the record straight in the Jedi archives.

We already knew that The Old Republic takes place 300 years after Knights of the Old Republic, but a lot can happen in 300 years. Specifically The Old Republic takes place after the Treaty of Coruscant, which leaves the Sith Empire rising in power, the Republic and the Jedi nursing their wounds and the Galaxy on the edge of a very bright and sharp saber.

Check out the timeline trailer above for more details, but be warned: there are no bounty hunters in this trailer, no matter how much fanboys whine.