Stardew Valley creator working on two new games

“When I discovered YouTube, I didn’t work for 5 days.” I can relate to the sentiments of the immortal Michael Scott, as I could have said the same thing regarding my discovering of Stardew Valley. And now, Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, has confirmed that he is working on two new games.

Barone tweeted earlier this week, “Yes, I’m actually working on a couple of new projects. One takes place in the world of Stardew Valley but is not a farming game. The other, I’m not 100% sure about the world yet, but it will tie into Stardew Valley in some way.”

Barone had previously shared a single image of one of the projects, which appeared to have a Harry Potter vibe while holding true to the Stardew Valley art style.

Here’s hoping for the future existence of a “time-turner” trinket from Potter lore, making it possible to reclaim some of the hours I will inevitably sink into these games.