Stardock bringing free to play features to Impulse::Reactor

Impulse, the digital download service from Stardock, has announced new features that will allow developers to add free-to-play elements to their games. The next software development kit for the Impulse::Reactor beta will be dropping in March, bringing with it in-game stores, feature unlocking, and seamless downloadable content management all from one developer portal. Stardock has pleged to offer support by migrating their titles to use all of these new features.

Brad Wardell, CEO of Impulse said: “The increasing growth of the free to play model along with premium downloadable content has created a lot of interest in the game development community for tools that make it easy to integrate these capabilities into their games.”

“This is particularly cool for gamers,” he added. “When a gamer loads up their game, they will see an option called ‘Add Features.’ Choosing this option will take them to an in-game catalog that displays all features available. Some features may be content (maps, campaigns, levels, skins, items, quests, etc.). Other features may be extensions to the game itself (multiplayer, new game modes, etc.). This allows for greater selection and choice on the gamer’s end, and on the developer end, a more streamlined development experience with greater value add.”

Impulse::Reactor has been in beta for the past year. With more cool updates such as this, we’re looking forward to the full launch, whenever it may be.