Starena is ready for a brawl

Who likes a good boss rush, then? These started out as a way of making games more difficult and artificially a bit longer. If you wanted to get to the big bad in your favorite game, you had to get past a few of his (or her) mates first. The idea became so popular amongst gaming masochists that a good idea turned into a mode for people that wanted a challenge. This in turn slowly mutated into a genre and we now have games devoted to beating a series of bosses. Really good examples of this are Furi, Titan Souls, and moving away from the indie circuit, Shadow of the Colossus. Those of you that like this style will be pleased to note that Starena, a new addition to this little family, will be available on Steam very soon.



Coming May 21st, Starena is a gladiatorial style combat game. There won’t be any lions or getting sand stuck in uncomfortable places here, though. Coming from the folk over at Darksun Studio, Starena will see you facing off against a series of deadly robots from around the universe. You’ll be needing both skill and cunning in equal measure because they’re definitely bigger, meaner, and stronger than you are.

Starena is a boss rush arena game with RPG elements. This being said, each battle is a boss fight against new and unique enemies; each with their own mechanics, special moves, and weaknesses. Each enemy is also destructible with detachable parts; meaning if you play your game right, you’ll make your life a lot easier.

By blowing off body parts, you’ll not only be able to neuter your opponents, making them lose their ability to perform certain moves, but you’ll benefit in the process. Lopped off limbs and other extremities can be repurposed to power your own mech.

Every weapon is unique because you’ve built it yourself

In arena-style games, the audience is often forgotten. This isn’t the case in Starena. Those watching from the stands love rooting for a good underdog. If you perform well by completing in-game dynamic goals, they’ll help you by throwing med-kits and other special items into the ring.

Make sure the crowd is in your corner

I mentioned earlier that Starena has RPG elements. Crafting is going to play a big part in this, as the weapons you create will be unique and truly yours. You can also personalize your entourage, ensuring you have your best fans accompanying you to the arena. Each of your top fans can help you in different ways and you can position them in varying places amongst the rest of the crowd in the arena, so you always know where to turn for help.

This sounds like it’s going to be a blast. The problem with some boss rush games is they start to feel a bit rinse and repeat or they’re designed to be so hard they’d give Dark Souls aficionados a twitch. Starena is certainly going to be action-packed but the strategic elements should allow you to turn the tide in your favor instead of feeling like you’re being beaten down by an all-powerful foe. If you’re looking forward to letting the bullets fly, you’ll only have to wait a week before battle commences.