Steam stares into the Derelict Void

Fans of the Roguelike and building genres may well be in for a treat over on Steam, as a fresh new title gets released onto our screens. Sci-Fi fans may also love the title we’ll be discussing today because, you know, space. The game is Derelict Void and it’s available for your PC contraptions now.

Coming from the clever folk over at Stirling Games and inspired by Frostpunk, Derelict Void, is a galactic, Roguelike-City-Builder. In this survival adventure, you will have to manage your base and scavenge for resources as you command a ship and its crew with the objective of staying alive.

Derelict Void was funded on Kickstarter back in November. The project reached an impressive 112% of its original goal and all this was done with the help of 148 interested backers. It’s always nice to see a community making somebody’s dream a reality so this really is worth mentioning.

Derelict Void will see you exploring stranded ships and treacherous debris in order to uncover the secrets of the void. With careful risk assessment and resource management skills you might just be able to get yourself and your crew out alive.

It’s always nice when a dev team shares their vision with us on a more creative level. Derelict Void has its own content delivery services, allowing players to share their own stories with the community in the form of mods. In addition to this, Derelict Void features a content creation tool allowing everyone to contribute to the world of the game.

As a Roguelike fan, I’m always excited to see a new entry appear in the genre that I love. Derelict Void is a brand new adventure that I can’t wait to take part in. If like me, you get excited about the near-limitless possibilities this genre has to offer and want to get involved, Derelict Void is waiting for you over on Steam now.