Street Fighter V: Champion Edition welcomes Seth to the fight

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is now available for download and purchase. With it, players have the opportunity to play as the previous antagonist of Street Fighter IV, Seth. Get ready to either be impressed or indifferent as Seth steps into the ring with a new default body featuring curvy hips and a busty bust.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Seth Intro

Previously, Street Fighter V players could download the Champion Edition on top of owning the original Street Fighter V or Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Now, anyone can jump on the Street Fighter train with the updated Champion Edition, which includes all previous stages and characters as well as the updated content. On top of everything that was included in the previous releases, Champion Edition now has 40 characters, 34 stages and (try to suppress that excitement), 200 costumes. It’s like dress up but for badasses!

Seth is an interesting addition, especially with the physical change that has been implemented. Now paired with a new doll called Unit Zero, Seth continues his shameless escapade to seek and steal new moves from the plethora of fierce fighters stalking the streets.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Seth vs Cammy

Step back into Street Fighter V as the newest add-on finally gives players a sense of completion. For only a few dollars more than the original titles, players can experience captivating story modes, arcade mode, team battles, ranked and casual matches as well as new characters such as Seth. Champion Edition has a lot to offer, and fans will want to delve into the newest addition to get all the latest content available. In-game challenges allow players to get the DLC characters free of charge; however, if impatient players can’t wait, these characters can be purchased with real money–don’t try to pull a fast one with Monopoly cash. Other content can exclusively be purchased with Fight Money in-game.

More information on Street Fighter V: Champion Edition can be found here.