Super Mario needs to stay on his meds…

…though clearly it’s time to re-evaluate his dosage, perhaps even switch him to a different class of anti-depressant altogether as he is clearly not responding as well as we’d like to the current course of meds.

This is just a little taste of the scroll-heavy mind fuck that is Super Mario – Depression, a comic by Eegra guest artist Harvey James which sees Mario basking in the self-satisfied glow of a good Koopa kid trouncing before quickly spiralling into a vicious vortex of anger, misery and shame. Or a little something I like to call “Tuesday.”

This and other hilariously twisted takes on the world of games and gamers is available for your viewing pleasure at Eegra, a website dedicated “to provid[ing] accessible, funny, and thoughtful content for gamers and anyone else who isn’t a pretentious jackass.” Dare to venture deep into the archive for some of my personal favorites, which cover the daily humilites and hardships of Q’bert, the notorious escapades of Percival “Pac” Man, Esq., and the oft ignored danger of unicorn revenge.