Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix finally finished

Development of Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is complete and the game has been submitted to Sony and Microsoft for approval. The news comes from Christian Svensson, Capcom’s VP of Strategic Planning and Business Development, who posted it on the Unite forums yesterday.

The news has also been confirmed by the Capcom PR team, who promises both the PSN and XBLA releases to happen this month. However, there is no guarantee that both Sony and Microsoft will approve it in time for this to happen. Svensson said, “It is possible for us to bounce the submission on one and not the other which would cause the release to potentially not be simultaneous and still be released in November on one of the two.”

TVGB were lucky enough to get our hands on the game last week and despite playing second fiddle to Street Fighter 4, SSFIITHDR looks like it may just deliver the purest of SF experiences. The graphics are clear, bright and crisp, the collision detection looks spot on, and the core of the game, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, has survived intact. All that remains to be seen is if the online holds up.